A day of accomplishment

Here’s a feel good moment for your day — Earlier this week I received an email from the teacher of today’s JA BizTown students. She gave me a run down of some of her parent volunteers and asked that a couple not be moved from their shop assignments because of special needs of their children and needed support.

One of these volunteers was in the News Media Center. When I checked on the newspaper staff today to see how they were doing with their deadline, the parent volunteer and the advertising executive had a lot of questions about ads and invoices and how it worked and if they could invoice for ads they didn’t get done. I said they could invoice everyone because it’s a business cost even if he didn’t get them done. Then the ad exec had questions camp and wanted to know all about it, but his mom stopped him and said he needed to worry about his job as advertising executive today first and finish his job.

When the News Media staff go on their second break, our staff print and copy the newspaper. After we distributed it, mom came over and asked if we could print another one, but with the ads he did because not all of them made the paper. I said of course, and Hayley worked with her to figure out which ones he did and create a copy showcasing his hard work. I didn’t get to see his face when she gave it to him, but I think it meant a lot to the mom to capture what he accomplished today.

This is why I am amazed at the dedication and commitment of the Capstone team every day! We are pulled in 100 directions with questions and to-dos. We roll with different challenges every day. We will go above and beyond to make sure those kids that may have challenges in the traditional classroom setting feel seen, heard, and celebrated for their accomplishments in JA BizTown.

Today had its struggles, but this JA BizTown citizen and his mom are my memory of the day!

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