Bharat Pulgam

Bharat Pulgam
Bharat Pulgam, a junior at Wayzata High School, is the Founder and CEO of mXers Audio, a business venture that creates modular ear buds that are easy to repair and have many customization options for listeners.

mXers was founded as part of the Catapult Incubator Program at the Chicago School of Business. Bharat was selected as one of 30 students to participate in the program. Given a six-month time period and an amazing team, he was able to pitch his idea to a panel of 15 investors. After receiving much positive feedback, Bharat decided to move forth with mXers and establish it as an actual company. Once he returned to Minnesota, Bharat selected a new team to help him get his business venture up and running.

Today, mXers is run by a group of 12 high school and college students who are incredibly passionate and driven to capitalize on their initial success.

Bharat is not solely work oriented, as service is another large factor in his life. He volunteers his time at the Hindu Society of Minnesota as a member of the branding and public relations team. After losing two of his friends to suicide, he started H.E.A.R.T., an NGO inspired by the lack of student leadership groups working for mental health. Bharat also serves as the board advisor for Global Junctions, a nonprofit that connects people and medical products with disadvantaged medical care delivery providers worldwide.

“If my projects have taught me anything it is that being successful is not as easy as the movies and music make it seem,” said Bharat. “Success is only possible through a vision that follows a passion which fuels an unflinching determination and only after months, sometimes even years of hard work, we yield the indescribable incredible emotion we call success.”