Blackline Masters Packet

JA Company Program forms are below, including general, president, human resources, production, marketing, finance and public relations:

General forms
Business Research Form
Business Snapshot
Collaboration Tools
Milestone Chart
Product Approval Application
Non-Approved Product List
Tips for Officers
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Personal Action Plan
Annual Report Checklist
Charter Application and Bylaws
Banking 101
JA Career Assessment

Stockholder Letter Example (liquidation)
Guiding Principles
Management and Leadership Task List

Human Resources
Human Resources Department Business Plan
Attendance Record
Administrative Record
Stockholder Record (liquidation)

Supply Chain Task List
Production Department Business Plan
Production Record
Final Production Record (liquidation)

Marketing & Sales
Marketing Task List
Marketing Prep
Marketing Department Business Plan
Marketing Sales Summary (liquidation)
Sales Task List
Sales Tracking

Finance Task List
Finance Workbook
Financial Prep
Finance Department Business Plan
Product Evaluation Form
Sales Tax Record
Financial Record Example
Financial Record
Financial Statement of Activities Example (liquidation)
Financial Statement of Activities (liquidation)
Minnesota Sales Tax

Public Relations
Business Plan Overview
Product Approval Application
Board of Directors Minutes Template
Liquidation Report (liquidation)

Questions? Contact William Totimeh, Entrepreneurship Pathway Manager, at or 651.255.0054.