Caleb Smith

caleb smith

At the age of 10, Caleb Smith founded STEM Bunnies, a nonprofit business venture that teaches kids about science while playing with rabbits. After discovering hundreds of rabbits on Craigslist shortly after Easter, STEM Bunnies finds homes for them and raises funds for the care of nearly 200 rabbits by bringing them to birthday parties, egg hunts, sending “bunny telegrams,” and appearing in commercials.

Caleb’s calendar is full with school visits, expos, camps and community events where he gets kids excited about learning and wellness. STEM Bunnies has now expanded to five states where teachers or families can borrow a bunny for two months while completing a science based curriculum. Caleb’s venture also sells rabbit angora wool mittens and provides tons of rabbit manure to organic farmers.

During the summer of 2015, Caleb attended Junior Achievement’s Young Entrepreneurs Camp and, in his words, “it was awesome!” Caleb was excited about the opportunity to hang out with other business savvy kids and gain more skills to help him better run his business. He learned a lot about how to fine-tune his business plan, how to advertise and conduct market research, and how to obtain start-up funding. Caleb also had an opportunity to practice giving a pitch in front of actual entrepreneurs (think “Shark Tank”).

In September, Caleb attended the “Forbes Under 30 Conference” in Philadelphia, and has been nominated for the 2016 honoree list.