Clarence Bethea

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Clarence Bethea’s idea for his most recent business venture was born from a terribly frustrating experience he had with a laptop warranty. Clarence didn’t know how long his warranty lasted, couldn’t find the paperwork, and wasn’t even sure what was covered. This got him thinking about the warranty industry, and how technology is simplifying a lot of complicated markets. “Why not this one?” Clarence thought. So, he started investigating how he could bring warranty pricing, coverage information and education back to consumers.

“Defining a problem is the first step to bringing a new idea to life,” explained Clarence. “I look for problems that may be getting overlooked, and then consider the solutions available.”

His solution was Upsie, a free mobile app that provides an easier and better way to protect the products people value most. With Upsie, people get access to the same warranties and coverage offered by other companies, but at an affordable price. No annoying sales pitch. No big price markups. Simplicity and price are two of the biggest differences between Upsie and the traditional ways to purchase warranties. Because it’s an app, Upsie is simple and convenient. People can search warranties and pricing, scan barcodes while shopping in store, and even get warranty coverage up to 60 days after a purchase. The app also stores all of the warranty details and helps you start the claims process, so there’s on more digging through shoe boxes for receipts.