JA North’s commitment to the community

Dear Stakeholders,

We grieve the senseless killing of George Floyd and recognize the racial injustice that pervades our community and country.

We vow to use our resources to affect lasting change to address the systemic racism in our society for our children and community. Last year we moved to the St. Paul Midway area to give us the opportunity to work more closely with students of color and American Indian students. As the leadership of our organization transitions this month, our plan will continue to evolve but we commit to co-creating a plan alongside the communities we serve and taking the following steps now:

  • Continue to review and modify our curriculum and experiential learning models to ensure they are culturally sensitive, anti-racist, and relevant for all young people.
  • Educate ourselves to recognize and dismantle systemic racism, inequality, and oppression.
  • Engage volunteers who represent the cultural backgrounds and experiences of our black, indigenous, people of color so they can teach, mentor and model success for all children.
  • Deepen student and alumni engagement in our work to give a stronger voice to the perspectives and experiences of today’s youth.
  • Increase the racial diversity of our staff and board, and foster an inclusive and welcoming work culture.
  • Build and cultivate intentional relationships with communities and organizations led by black, indigenous, and people of color grounded in collective action and systems change.
  • Strengthen our teachings about the constitutional rights each person has in our society to vote, protest, and raise his/her/their voice in our democracy.

We witnessed. We are learning. We will invest in change.

Gina Blayney
Retiring President & CEO
Sara Dziuk
Incoming President & CEO

June 5, 2020