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JA can give students a head start in life

Junior Achievement helps students understand the importance of entrepreneurship, managing money, and preparing for college or a career. JA gives students an advantage by providing real world opportunities and skills not taught in schools.

JA helps you answer important life questions. What are you going to be when you grow up? How much education will you need to pull it off? Where are you going to live? What are you going to drive? How much will all of it cost you? What about your credit?

Resources for Students

JA My Way – Access fun and interactive tools to help students find a college, explore careers, and manage money.

JA Summer Camps – Join us this summer and ignite your entrepreneurial spirit. For students of all ages.

JA Apps – Junior Achievement has created several apps to help teens, their parents and teachers prepare for a career.

Junior Achievement’s Teens and Personal Finance Survey reveals a surprising disconnect between how teens and parents view paying for college and other important financial topics.

Millennials and College Planning – As debt runs deep in older Millennials’ pockets, the decision to continue education past high school in no longer a given. The prevalence of online courses or alternative schooling has made the value of a college degree become increasingly more subjective.

How Parents Can Get Involved

Research says that the greatest predictor of student achievement is not economic or social status, but rather the extent to which parents become involved in their children’s education. Kids believe they can be whatever they want when they grow up. And they’re right. But getting there isn’t always easy. No matter what your profession, your life experience and determination to succeed means you can serve as a role model – not just to your child – but to their peers too.

As a JA classroom volunteer, you can give your child and their classmates the opportunity to discover how their talent and abilities can create a better life for themselves.
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Find out what classrooms in your school district offer JA programs. If there aren’t any, we will work with you to make it happen! After all, preparing children for the economic reality of tomorrow is a responsibility everyone in the community shares.
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