Harvard recognizes JA Finance Park

JA Finance Park is one of Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest’s (JAUM) most impactful and engaging programs for middle and high school students. Recently, JA Finance Park was recognized by Harvard University’s Global Education Innovation Initiative as a program with innovative curriculum and pedagogical practices related to 21st century skills in financial literacy education.

Harvard has added program information about JA Finance Park to their website, which serves as a resource for education stakeholders, policymakers, and funders. According to the site, Harvard’s GEII “offers tools and information to educate leaders from around the globe so that they can better support the development of 21st century competencies among youth, especially those who are the most vulnerable and least privileged.” GEII looks at education for the 21st century using the following metrics: competencies in the intrapersonal, interpersonal, and cognitive domains; values and attitudes; as well as active, engaging, and empowering pedagogy. See the GEII website to read more about these metrics. Junior Achievement’s JA Finance Park was evaluated using each of these metrics, which prompted Harvard to recognize our organization.

“We are thrilled to receive such notable recognition,” said Gina Blayney, JAUM President & CEO. “It reaffirms that we are developing and delivering innovative, and impactful curriculum that effectively prepares kids for the future.”

JA Finance Park curriculum immerses students in realistic, up-to-date, and relevant financial literacy education through classroom-based lessons and a hands-on, interactive simulation experience. Learn more about JA Finance Park.