JA High School Heroes

High School HeroesHigh School Heroes is a leadership and community service program designed to enrich the education of local youth by connecting high school service learners with JA elementary school students. Typically our JA classroom programs are taught by corporate and community volunteers. Through the JA High School Heroes Program we empower teen leaders, our “JA High School Heroes,” to volunteer and teach our programming in elementary school classrooms. This model not only provides elementary school students with role models closer to their own age, but also provides meaningful community engagement and cross cultural learning for high schoolers.

JA High School Heroes Resources

Program Brief
Program Overview

Learn how JA High School Heroes correlates to Minnesota Academic Standards.

We’ll provide all the training and materials needed for students to have a positive volunteer experience. Here are a few suggestions to help students prepare for a successful day in the classroom:

    • Dress for Success – Present a prepared and polished version of yourself to teachers and students. Business casual attire is recommended.
    • Prep for Success – In order to be a good role model and have a successful experience, you need to be prepared. JA makes it fun and easy to deliver our curriculum, but it’s up to you to prepare for the event.
    • Act for Success – To garner the respect of your students, you must play the role of the teacher. This means acting like a teacher and role model so that you are treated as such. The way you speak to each other in high school is very different from elementary level communication.

The teacher will remain in the classroom to assist with classroom management and behaviors, but s/he will take a back seat and allow the High School Heroes to deliver the curriculum.

Student Benefits
Through this experience, students gain the following skills as a JA High School Hero:

      • public speaking
      • time management
      • teamwork
      • critical thinking
      • relationship building in the community
      • volunteer experience to reference in a college or job application

This is a program that my students look forward to doing each year. It has been a terrific learning experience for all of us. The students feel great after delivering the lessons. There is a real sense of accomplishment for them.” (Neil Schlagel, Business Education, Dassel-Cokato High School)

It was a very fun day for us all! I think we got far more out of this experience than we would have in our classrooms. Not only were the kids learning, but us as the teachers were also exercising our improvisation, planning, and public speaking skills. To me, that is valuable and definitely a win-win situation for us all!” (Dassel-Cokato High School student)

For more information, contact Amanda Hillmann, or amanda.hillmann@janorth.org.