Frequently Asked Questions

Why JA Inspire Virtual Career Expo?
Students will begin their exploration with mostly abstract notions and will end up focused and activated, with real insights on what industries interest them, what specific jobs are like, and what education is required to do them successfully. JA Inspire Virtual will help students begin focusing on their future career options. For companies and organizations, this is a chance to build your workforce and start showcasing the careers that will be needed for your business in the future!

What is the cost to attend JA Inspire Virtual Career Expo?
Thanks to support from our generous sponsors, there is NO COST for your school to attend JA Inspire Virtual!

When is JA Inspire Virtual Career Expo?
March 23rd-March 25th, 2021 (your school will decide which day works best for you). Beginning on March 26th, registered students will have access to all materials for 3 months.

What will students do at JA Inspire Virtual Career Expo?
Students will have the chance to explore future career opportunities, watch videos about jobs and the workforce, visit virtual career booths featuring different industries, download career information into their virtual backpack to take will them, and learn from our business partners as they share information and tips on career pathways, interviewing, resume writing and soft skills. Explore – Connect – Discover.

How can participants get their information to potential employers?
We are encouraging exhibitors to include contact sheets in their booths so students can proactively connect with them after the event to explore future options.

What information will you collect about each student?
Each student will have a unique login for the virtual event that will not contain any personal information. If students choose, they may enter an email address to download materials provided by the business partners; that information is not stored in the system. There is no chatting or live speakers, so it’s a completely safe environment for students to explore, connect, and discover.

What do students need to participate?
Students will log in with their provided credentials. Internet access is required. No webcam or software download is needed.

How do I log in to JA Inspire?
Students will be pre-registered and will login using their unique username provided by their teacher a few days prior to the event.

After the live event, will I be able to log in again?
Yes, you can log back in to revisit the site over the next 90 days.

What should I do after I log in?  How will I know where to go?
You will have up to 4 hours on your assigned event date to explore the JA Inspire Virtual Career Expo. Visit the Exhibit Floor and Exhibit Halls organized by Career Industries/Fields and within those halls explore the exhibitor booths you are interested in learning more about. From the virtual lobby, visit the Auditorium and check out the on-demand webinars on various career topics. Our business partners will be sharing great information and tips to all students who visit the auditorium and their booths. Along the way, don’t forget to put everything that interests you in your virtual backpack!

What is the gamification in the JA Inspire Virtual Career Expo?
Students will collect points within the virtual event. For example, completing surveys, visiting exhibitors booths, saving items in their virtual backpack, and watching on-demand videos in the Auditorium.

What should my plan be after the JA Inspire Virtual Career Expo
JA Inspire Virtual Career Expo allows you to research careers you are interested in and learn more about new pathways you may not have considered. Post event you can research the company websites, complete the post curriculum, and continue to use JA resources to determine your future plan.

How will JA Inspire Virtual Career Expo benefit me?
JA Inspire Virtual Career Expo helps you learn about careers including ones you may already be interested in, as well as new opportunities you may not even know existed! Explore and learn what fits best with your skills and abilities.

Who do I contact if I have troubleshooting issues on day-of?
Send an email to for any technical assistance.