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Thank you for being here today and for your interest in being INSPIRED. JA Inspire Virtual is an opportunity to research careers you are interested in and learn more about new pathways you may not have considered!   


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What To Do After You Login – Visit the Exhibit Floor and Exhibit Halls organized by Career Industries/Fields and within those halls explore the exhibitor booths you are interested in learning more about. From the virtual lobby, visit the Auditorium and check out the on-demand webinars on various career topics. Our business partners will be sharing great information and tips to all students who visit the auditorium and their booths. Along the way, don’t forget to put everything that interests you in your virtual backpack! 

Virtual Backpack – Your virtual backpack allows you to collect information that you are interested in from the exhibitor booths and/or the auditorium. Simply click on the virtual backpack button and add your e-mail address. The information is then sent directly to you so you can access it after you are done with the event. The items emailed to you in your virtual backpack are yours to access anytime, even beyond the end of the program.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for additional information.

Have fun, explore new things, connect with the workforce, and discover careers you didn’t know were possible. We are glad you are here and hope you are INSPIRED!