The Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Experiential Learning Lab
218 MacMillan Avenue
JA BizTown, MN 55104

U.S. Bank

The Bank provides each JA BizTown business with a loan to capitalize their business for the day and offers personal banking services (depositing paychecks, opening savings accounts) for JA BizTown citizens.

Jobs Available


  • Processes all business loan applications
  • Signs all business payroll and expense checks
  • Signs Rental Agreement for business space
  • Meets with personnel from other businesses when they visit
  • Supervises employees and business operations
  • Accepts business deposits
  • Prepares and gives speech at Closing Town Meeting


  • Inputs employee payroll information
  • Prints and distributes employee payroll checks
  • Prints and distributes business expense checks
  • Keeps all records of business expenses and payments
  • Signs business checks if CEO is not available
  • Assists with other business duties when employees are on break, and if time is available


  • Greets customers as they open personal accounts
  • Accepts personal deposits
  • Disburses maximum of $2 cash per pay period to customers
  • Records customer personal account transactions in computer
  • Assists File Clerk with filing, when necessary


  • Issues cash to Tellers and completes cash-out tickets as needed
  • Accepts paperwork from business representatives at the Business Window and passes to CEO or CFO
  • Files business checks and paperwork received from CEO
  • Files personal checks and business deposits


  • Educates JA BizTown citizens about the importance of saving
  • Conducts a survey about the savings habits of citizens
  • Prepares savings report for CEO at Closing Town Meeting

You may enjoy working here if you like:

Talking with people