Business Center

Business Center

Located at: 201 General Mills Street, JA BizTown, MN 55111
Business Service Center2

Creates business and personal web pages, prepares business forms, conducts market research and data analysis, and utilizes technology and business supplies (post-it notes, pens, briefcases, etc.) to create retail items for individual consumers.

Opening town meeting speech script
Employee job descriptions (download printer-friendly format)

  • Obtains bank loan.
  • Supervises employees and oversees business operations.
  • Works with employees to determine prices for products.
  • Signs Rental Agreement for business space.
  • Signs all business payroll and expense checks.
  • Prepares and gives speech at a Town Meeting.
  • Assists with all business duties when employees are on break.
  • Inputs employee payroll information.
  • Prints and distributes employee payroll checks.
  • Prints and distributes business expense checks.
  • Keeps all records of business expenses and payments.
  • Makes business deposits at Bank.
  • Signs business checks if CEO is not available.
Ad Executive
  • Purchases business supplies from the Supply and Delivery Center.
  • Collects ads and ad payments from each JA BizTown business.
  • Forwards collected payments to CFO.
  • Assists Web Developers and Sales Managers as necessary.
Web Developer
  • Learns operation of computer program and web design software.
  • Inputs web page information into web page templates.
  • Verifies the spelling and accuracy of the web page templates.
  • Assures web page information is complete.
  • Shares information on how to access web pages with the CEO of each business.
Sales Manager
  • Meets with CEO to set prices.
  • Learns to operate the sales computer to accept sales.
  • Greets customers and assists them with sales.
  • Forwards personal web page ad copy to Web Developer for development.
  • Gives debit receipt sheets to CFO to make business deposits.
Game Developer
  • Learns how to use block code on computer program through a tutorial.
  • Creates games and other graphics using an iPad and/or computer.
  • Assists the Web Developer when needed.

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