Learning Methods

How will students learn at Start It Up?

Junior Achievement 2014

Educators will employ the following learning methods to encourage students to develop their entrepreneurial skills and aspirations:

  • Personal development – camp begins with a personal assessment of research metrics shown to be associated with entrepreneurial success. Entrepreneurship mindset will be assessed with a focus on perseverance, risk-taking, conscientiousness, leadership, team building and attitude regarding failure. Students will also develop personal creativity skills and learn how to generate and evaluate new business ideas.
  • Business world experience – students will be exposed to real world business practices and presented with professional planning tools such as business plans and idea mapping. Students will also learn from actual examples of successful and failed entrepreneurial thinking, including an entrepreneurial movie night, panel discussions, and entrepreneurial site visits.
  • Research based learning – educators and entrepreneurs will guide students’ understanding of what research informs us regarding business success. Students will also learn about success and failure, and how to build contingencies for the unpredictable factors that sometimes occur.