Minn Wang

Minn Wang has spent most of his career at General Mills, starting as an Account Specialist in 2001 and working his way up the ladder to the General Mills Foundation as a Senior Manager. His current job involves evaluating nonprofit organizations that are seeking financial and in-kind support from General Mills. Recently, he helped coordinate a service project with Junior Achievement, which in itself is not remarkable in that General Mills has been a long-time supporter of JA. What made this project unique for Minn is that he participated in Junior Achievement as a high school student, so he was particularly excited about the prospect of giving back to an organization that taught him a lot about the business world.

Minn participated in the JA Company Program, a program where high school students learn how to create, market and operate a real business. He remembers getting bussed with his friends to Junior Achievement, meeting kids from different schools, and being part of a company that built and sold winter sleds. “I learned a ton in that program,” shares Minn. [ANOTHER QUOTE HERE? HOW WHAT HE LEARNED THROUGH JA HELPS HIM IN HIS CAREER?]

Through the General Mills Foundation, Minn helped organize a new hire on-site volunteer activity where 47 employees created food kits of donated General Mills products to supply the JA BizTown grocery store. This partnership with General Mills resulted in more than 200 kits valued at $4,000, enough food to supply the grocery store for 200 days!

Through his past participation with Junior Achievement, Minn recognized the value of the programming and the importance of teaching kids at an early age what it takes to run a successful business. His involvement with JA has now come full-circle, where he’s in a position to support the organization that prepared him for a successful career at General Mills.