Mondo Davison

Mondo Davison, mostly notably known as “The Black Tech Guy,” is on a mission to inspire a generation of black males to pursue a career in technology. He believes brand The Black Tech Guy as a trailblazing figure in the tech space will lead to a more compelling Plan A than rapper, trapper, or athlete.

His past eight years of mission-driven work to birth minority-led tech startups has led to TEAM Studios. In partnership with Dario Otero and Mary Rick, TEAM Studios brings together tech, entrepreneurship, art, and media to impact the world specifically through the brilliance of youth aged 18-24.

Mondo’s impact on JA students is significant. He’s been a featured speaker at the JA Company of the Year Competition, has mentored JA Company Program student-run teams, and has judged the competition the last several years. He also advises JA on tech issues, and is currently developing an entrepreneurial resource website for Junior Achievement’s first-of-its-kind JA Innovation Incubator. “Everyone plays a role in shaping the mindset of our youth and JA is planting a field of seeds to grow future entrepreneurs,” said Mondo. “I jump at any opportunity to add value to that mission.”

We are grateful to Mondo for helping us inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs!