What is Multi-Visit Delivery?

Need flexibility in your volunteering? Look no further! JA Multi-Visit delivery is the perfect fit for the busy professional. If you can find a 30-45 minute window in your schedule, we’ll help you add this rewarding volunteer opportunity to your calendar!

Junior Achievement’s K-12 classroom programs consist of a series of five 30-45 minute lessons. Elementary and middle school lessons help students explore careers, understand money management, and learn about entrepreneurship. Each of the five JA lessons have a fun, hands-on activity to help students understand the grade-appropriate concepts. High school programs rely on experiential activities that give students opportunities that mimic the “real world.”

One or two volunteers facilitate the lessons in their assigned classroom. The teacher remains in the classroom to support and handle classroom management.

Volunteers schedule classroom visits directly with the teacher on a start date, day of week and time of day that is most convenient for both parties. One or two volunteers facilitate the five lessons in their assigned classroom, either in five 30-45 minute visits to the school or in 2-3 60-90 minute visits teaching two or more lessons on each visit. As long as the schedule works for you and the teacher, it can look however you design it!

The benefits of multi-visit delivery are many:

• Flexible scheduling
• Opportunity to develop a strong connection with the students and teacher
• Only 30-45 minutes per session, so easy to schedule before work or during the lunch hour
• Easy to reschedule if life gets in the way