Do you remember me?

While welcoming students to JA BizTown today, a very smart and energetic 5th grade boy’s hand shot up every time I asked a question. He always had the right answer when I called on him and he seemed so excited to be here.

When I announced that the students should head to their shops for Business Start-Up Time, he made a bee-line directly toward me.

He said, “My name is Musa. Were you here last year???”

I said, “Yes, I was!”

He demanded in a serious voice, “Do you remember me???”

I see 17,000 kids a year. THAT question cuts me to the quick every time I get it. My brain kicked into high gear and I just decided to GO FOR IT.

I said, “Of course I do, Musa! You worked in the Discovery Center.”

I wish I had a picture of his face!!! It was a total guess on my part….but his face went to total shock and delight. He said, “Yes! I was in Discovery Center! You remembered!!” and he turned around and skipped-ran to The Cafe.

My heart grew 1,000 sizes seeing how much it meant to him to be “remembered” and acknowledged…and that he remembered his field trip from a year ago in detail!

I think about these kids a lot and I wonder what awesome, unique change Musa is going to bring to the world as an adult.

Pretty cool what we get to experience here at JA. It is magical.

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