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Since we moved into our new St. Paul home, we’ve done a lot of celebrating – grand openings, open houses, building tours. Each week we’ve had at least one or two ribbon cuttings celebrating the opening of different JA BizTown shops. One of our team members took the time to share the impact that these ribbon cutting events have on the students. Enjoy!

“Kids LOVE ribbon cuttings! The anticipation. The pomp and circumstance. THE GIANT SCISSOR!

Today, Cambria had their ribbon cutting in the Whitney & Elizabeth MacMillan Experiential Learning Lab, with original founder Mr. Mark Davis wielding half of the giant scissor, alongside our Kid-Cambria-CEO. Kid applause and squeals ensued.

Five minutes later, during Opening Town Meeting, I told the JA BizTown Citizens that we would soon start Break Rotations. I told them that the Bank does not want the tax info attached to their paycheck, so they need to cut it off of their check prior to depositing it.

Eddie raised his hand. (He has had a lot of adorable questions already, throughout the morning.)

‘I have a question’, he yells out in a serious tone of voice. ‘Can we use the Giant Scissor to cut off our tax information???’.

*Wendy is holding back belly laughs before saying Nooooo*

I found out today that Eddie is a hands-on learner. He dances to the beat of his own drummer. Classroom stuff…that doesn’t resonate with him. We became instant buddies at JA BizTown.

He let me know that Eddie isn’t his ‘given name’. He is Edwin. But….he just decided to be Eddie on all of his documents today in JA BizTown. But…just so I know…he is Edwin.

He loved his job at Federated Insurance, which let him leave his office and get out and about into the city. Seriousness ensued…

He also was proud to take charge of picking up all of the volunteer name badges at the end of the day. He felt important. Which he is.

No one had a better day today than Edwin…to the shock and heartfelt admiration from his teachers.

These are the stories I love the most.

If we get ONE kid out of 100 who experiences a different type of learning, and they grow from that…see the world differently…see themselves more confidently…WE changed the world today.

How cool is that?

We, all of us, changed the world today.

Thank You Edwin!!”

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