School Partnership Program

Inspire local students. Adopt a school.
Deluxe volunteers

Deluxe volunteers at Island Lake Elementary

Our School Partnership Program connects businesses with local schools to create mutually beneficial relationships. Companies provide the volunteer and financial resources to support JA in at least 10 classrooms at a single school. The benefits of this generous commitment include:

  • Creating a deep, meaningful connection to the community through involvement at a local school
  • Providing professional development opportunities for your employees, who will utilize leadership and presentation skills in facilitating JA programming
  • Giving employees the chance to be role models for local students
  • An opportunity to support the school in other JA programming (i.e., JA BizTown, JA Finance Park)
What’s Involved

School partners agree to:

  • Support at least 10 classrooms at a single school
  • Finance all JA program materials, training, supplies, staffing and evaluation costs ($500 per classroom)
  • Provide all classroom volunteers
  • Appoint a liaison to work with JA staff to coordinate the activities between the company and the school
Classroom Partnership

We also welcome partnerships with businesses on a slightly smaller scale. Businesses may choose to fund and volunteer in multiple classes at a school below the 10 classroom threshold of a school partnership. This level of participation still provides a valuable experience for students and company employees. Classroom Partnership companies provide volunteer involvement at $500 per class supported.

Next Steps

School and classroom partnerships are currently being formed for this school year and beyond. Learn how your organization can get started, or contact Andy Dwyer at 651-255-0040 or

What our school sponsors say

JA in a Day has been one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities during my tenure at Deluxe. The longstanding partnership between our company, Junior Achievement and Island Lake Elementary is a great example of how non-profits and corporations can work together to build strong communities and future leaders.” – Julie Gordon, 7-year JA Volunteer, Deluxe Corp.

“Deluxe Corporation recognizes that Junior Achievement offers effective programs that help students understand personal finance and economic education. The curriculum is well written and fun, which makes it understandable why the students remember the previous years’ lessons so well. It is difficult to measure who has the most fun during JA in a Day—the students or our volunteers.” Jenny Anderson, JA in a Day coordinator, Deluxe Corp.