Terms and Conditions – JA Titan

Expectations / Code of Conduct Agreement

Junior Achievement North will provide:

  • Staff instruction, assistance and facilitation during the JA Titan simulation.
  • JA staff members will seek first the assistance of supervising teachers to help with a discipline problem. If behavior does not improve, JA staff members may request, as a “last resort”, that a student be removed from the simulation.

Teachers agree to:

  • Notify students, parents, and adult volunteers of the date and time of the simulation visit.
  • Work with the JA staff to maintain an environment that is suitable to learning. If a student’s behavior is inappropriate during the simulation, (e.g., refusing to participate, disturbing others, using vulgar language, etc.)  JA staff members will seek the assistance of supervising teachers. If the behavior does not improve, JA staff  reserves the right to request that a teacher remove the student from the simulation. While this request will be a “last resort” option, an attending teacher will be responsible for that student’s removal to a safe area and his/her supervision during the remainder of the day.
  • Submit verification of program completion to Junior Achievement.
  • If Simulation is to be held at JA North site:
    • Arrange student transportation for the simulation
    • Indicate the school’s arrival and departure times for the simulation visit. (4-5  hours on-site)
    • Remind students, and enforce that the behavioral expectations and consequences, which apply while on school property, also apply when students are in the Junior Achievement JA BizTown facility.
  • If Simulation is to be held at the school:
    • Submit student number one week prior to simulation date.
    • Schedule time in your computer lab for second simulation day (full class period).

Principal agrees to:

  • Submit payment based on the terms of the invoice received from Junior Achievement North. Schools are invoiced on the number of instructional material sets provided.
  • Encourage teachers to require and enforce the same behavioral expectations and consequences while students are in the JuniorAchievementCenter that apply while on school property, following up appropriately on discipline issues after the visit, if necessary.
  • Assume responsibility, on behalf of the school, for damage done to JA’s property by students while participating in the simulation(s).
  • Support teachers in their efforts to fulfill their Agreement conditions.
  • If a confirmed program simulation date is cancelled, your school will provide a minimum of 90 days written notice to JA or incur the following cancellation penalty for either capstone program:

More than 90 days notice = no penalty fee
61-89 days notice = 50% penalty fee
60 days or less notice = full fee incurred

We have read the above information and understand the financial and behavioral commitments we are making to the Junior Achievement program and facility.