TITLE Boxing Club Edina

TITLE boxing club

Get Fit for the Future

TITLE Boxing Club Edina is supporting Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest through a unique promotion that helps you achieve your fitness goals while helping young people learn essential skills for their future.

TITLE Boxing Club delivers the fitness results of boxing, minus the combat, to strengthen and tone your body from head to toe. Perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels, TITLE Boxing combines no-hit boxing and kickboxing techniques with cardio and toning exercises to help you reach your goals quickly and continue conquering new ones. Their stress-busting, high-sweat group fitness workouts are as fierce as they are fun.

TBC_logo_update_final1How it Works
From January 1 through February 29, TITLE Boxing Club is donating 50% of all enrollment fees collected for a 1-year membership or 25% of enrollment fees for a month-to-month membership to Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest. During the promotion period, TITLE Boxing Club will track your visits and provide recognition to the participant with the most visits.

Want to increase your impact? Secure sponsors to support your fitness journey.

Want to experience your impact directly? Become a JA volunteer and help deliver our fun, hands-on lessons to students in local classrooms.

Get Started Today!
To participate, complete our registration form and indicate “JA” in the comments section, or visit TITLE Boxing Club Edina and mention “JA” to a sales associate.