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We’re continually inspired by the impact that JA not only has on the students we reach, but also how it creates joy in the volunteers who help bring our mission to life. We’re fortunate to have heroes like Tam, who has been inspiring students for nearly 20 years: 

“I’ve been volunteering with JA for close to 20 years and each year I’m inspired by the students! They’re smart, engaged and always thinking outside the box. It helps to have awesome teachers to partner with. I’ve been working with the same two teachers for six years and that creates an opportunity for a successful experience.

My career is in learning and development, specifically in financial services. I’ve had many experiences teaching topics in the classroom that I teach at my workplace. I love being able to share stories about how even as an adult, the need to be curious and willing to learn is important. I also enjoy bringing stories back to my workplace. This year one of the 3rd grade lessons focused on visible and invisible money. Well, the group I support develops and sells treasury products. Our innovation focuses a lot on electronic money movement or “invisible” money. I shared the “new terminology” with some of my peers. They enjoyed hearing how relevant and current the lessons for elementary students are.

I love being part of Junior Achievement!” – Tamara O’Tool 

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