Why JA – Alex’s Story

Junior Achievement has a tremendous impact on the lives of the students we seek to inspire. That impact doesn’t end when they graduate. Read about this JA alumni’s experience to learn how our programs helped inspire his path over the course of 20 years:

“I am currently working in the behavioral health care field as a clinical treatment director and administrator. Specifically direct patient care with individuals struggling with incarceration and legal issues, mental illness, and chemical addiction. I have also been involved in advocacy efforts, behavioral health awareness, and participation in legislation that creates increased access to needed services to the impoverished and poorly represented.

JA was and is a powerful influence on my life. When I started in JA, I had difficulty feeling like I belonged. I felt isolated and questioned my ability to be a human being and have value. JA helped me develop my internal drive to achieve and have happiness in my life. JA gave me a platform to begin to realize my true self and potential for success. I was also able to genuinely appreciate what it means to be a productive and responsible citizen, contributor, and leader in whatever I do.

As we all know, life happens. Despite the life changing experience with JA, I continued to struggle, to find value and direction in life for almost 20 years until I found the behavioral health field and my true calling working in social services. The guidance I received from the JA sponsors and volunteers had a long term and tremendous impact on my life.” – Alex Davis, St. Paul, MN

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