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JA Company Program

JA Company Program is designed to empower students in grades 9-12 to understand the power of building a business. Students are encouraged to identify a need or problem in their community and work toward being part of the solution by launching and operating a business venture. This program equips students with the skills required to conceptualize, capitalize, and manage their own company. These transferable skills make JA Company Program an experience that students will draw on for years to come.

Student Goals

► Develop an aptitude for entrepreneurship

► Build problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and leadership skills

► Enhance research and planning skills

► Successfully manage their company's finances

► Build resilience to unexpected developments

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Learning Outcomes

► 91% of students learned how to work with others 
► 77% learned steps to start their own business 
► 75% learned how to prepare for the future
► 75% learned about career options
► 70% learned how to manage money

“JA has taught me that when you have a vision, when you have a goal, and when you have a passion for something, pursuing it regardless of any difficulties is the correct approach.”

– Arya, JA North Student Entrepreneur of the Year