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Investing in tomorrow's leaders today.


Cultivating the Next Generation of Leaders

Junior Achievement North prepares young people with the skillset and mindset to build thriving communities. Our programming addresses the skills, wealth, and opportunity gaps our communities are facing. Together, we can build brighter futures. 

Pathways to Boundless Opportunity

  • Financial Literacy

    Building financial stability for young people has a lasting impact on their family and future. Through experiential learning, students gain critical knowledge and begin building a solid foundation. 

  • Career Readiness

    Connecting students to real life skills and careers inspires them to dream big. Expanding access to opportunities and preparing students for success will help close the existing skills gap. 

  • Entrepreneurship

    Igniting youth entrepreneurship will fuel our future economy and shape vibrant communities. The chance to innovate, lead, and network helps students reach their full potential. 

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