The Peter J. King Family Foundation Experiential Learning Lab
310 Commerce Street
JA BizTown, MN 55104

ECMC City Hall

City Hall encourages citizens to exercise their civic responsibility to vote and voice their opinions about key issues. City Hall honors two citizens and one business with special awards for their good work throughout the day. City Hall is also in charge of collecting payroll and business property taxes. A City Hall attorney will work to solve two open cases and represent businesses in legal transactions. The Statistician will collect data from citizens and analyze information for city and business use. City Hall will also provide recycling services and work with businesses to explore environmental topics.

Jobs Available


  • Obtains bank loan
  • Signs Rental Agreement for business space
  • Supervises employees and oversees business operations
  • Prepares and gives speeches at Town Meetings
  • Takes census count of JA BizTown
  • Supervises JA BizTown voting
  • Receive nominations for and selects two Citizens of the Day and one Quality Business of the Day
  • Works with the Sustainability Director to determine the Environmentally Friendly Business Award


  • Inputs and submits business loan to the bank
  • Inputs employee payroll information
  • Prints and distributes employee payroll checks
  • Signs payroll checks if Mayor is not available
  • Pays online bills sent to business
  • Keeps all records of business expenses and payment/li>
  • Makes business deposits to Bank


  • Educates JA BizTown citizens on ways to protect the environment
  • Conducts a waste audit of all businesses
  • Collects information from various businesses and reports the findings at the Closing Town Hall Meeting
  • Collects the recycling and conducts survey


  • Uses iPad to have students sign their Payroll Tax form
  • Completes all JA BizTown tax forms
  • Issues tax ID numbers and verifies 501(c)3 status of JA BizTown “not for profit”
  • Prepares the business property tax bills and sends them online


  • Prepares and gives speech at the Closing Town Meeting
  • Reviews legal documents (Loan Agreements, Rental Agreements, Bank Charter, Non-profit Charter)
  • Investigates criminal case(s) and prepares case results and recommendations


  • Uses iPad to conduct surveys to collect information from students, teachers and volunteers
  • Gathers and analyzes market research data for a JA BizTown business


  • With the Mayor, decides what the JA BizTown laws are for the day
  • Enforces the laws by observing citizens and giving out warnings and fines
  • Keeps track of student warnings and fines with an iPad
  • Encourages positive behavior by giving out positive tickets

You may enjoy working here if you like:

Working with people
Public speaking

Students in Action