JA Finance Park Volunteers

JA Finance Park teaches middle and high school students about personal money management by simulating the financial decisions and challenges they will experience in their adult lives. Students assume family and income scenarios and gather information to make financial decisions. They apply for loans, contribute to charities, pay for basic living expenses and make investments, all while working to balance their budgets. Each student receives an iPad to use for the day at our facility.

Volunteer Role

Volunteers work with a small group of students to guide them in creating a balanced household budget and paying their monthly bills. Junior Achievement will provide all the training you need to prepare for your day.

JA Finance Park is located at:

1745 University Ave W
St. Paul, MN 55104 (directions)

Your volunteer training is a 5-step process. Please complete all the steps to sufficiently prepare yourself for your volunteer day.

Complete the Volunteer Registration Form- Please note school name and date where asked.

- Make sure to electronically sign and date the Code of Conduct and Social Media Policy.
Watch the JA Finance Park Overview videoThis video will give you an overview of the simulation and why it is important for students.
Review the JA Finance Park Volunteer Guide.This will show you the format of the day, activities you will lead and discussions you will have with the students. There will be a guide for you at the facility.
Review the Research Script for your budget topic- Parent volunteers will be given an assigned budget topic from the teacher.
- Corporate volunteers will receive information from their company's contact person.

(If you are not assigned an area before the simulation day, you will still have time to review the script at our facility before students arrive.)
Attend the mandatory onsite volunteer trainingCome to our JA Finance Park facility at your assigned time and day (usually one hour before students arrive).

- Parent volunteers will be given arrival information from their teacher.

- Corporate volunteers will receive information from their company’s contact person.

Still have questions? See if we’ve answered it in our Volunteer FAQs. Direct any additional questions to Ann Marie Giefer, Capstone Manager, at 651-255-0033 or annmarie.giefer@janorth.org.

View JA Finance Park on-site simulation video below

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