The Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Experiential Learning Lab
215 MacMillan Avenue
JA BizTown, MN 55104

Polaris Manufacturing Center

At the Manufacturing Center, students will explore the manufacturing industry of vehicle design and creation using a specially designed software to create safe vehicles for both business and retail use. They will also promote and sell their products to consumers. Customers can purchase motorcycles, gear necklaces, and custom manufactured buttons (debit cards only).

Jobs Available


  • Obtains bank loan
  • Signs Rental Agreement for business space
  • Supervises employees and oversees business operations
  • Signs all business payroll and expense checks
  • Prepares and gives speeches at Town Meetings
  • Works with employees to determine pricing of products
  • Assists with all business duties when employees are on break


  • Inputs and submits business loan to the bank
  • Inputs employee payroll information
  • Prints and distributes employee payroll checks
  • Prints and distributes business expense checks
  • Keeps all records of business expenses and payments
  • Makes business deposits at Bank
  • Signs business checks if CEO is not available


  • Designs, builds and tests a model of an alternative energy vehicle
  • Completes project and makes recommendation to CEO
  • Assist with customer sales when needed


  • Works with CEO to set prices of products
  • Sets up the POS system
  • Assembles products for retail sales with manufacturing equipment, including a Button Machine
  • Creates an attractive display area for sale products
  • Greets customers and accepts sales


  • Uses Polaris Vehicle Explorer software to design specialized vehicles for other businesses
  • Invoices JA BizTown Staff for projects
  • Assists customers with designing their vehicle
  • Assists with sales and product assembly as needed

You may enjoy working here if you like:

Customer service

Students in Action