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Fargo-Moorhead Area

We believe that prioritizing programming in rural communities will develop future leaders who are equipped to build vibrant local communities.

During the 2021-22 school year, 5,339 students from the Fargo-Moorhead area were thriving with our impactful programming that taught them financial stability, connected them to real life skills and careers, ignited their interest in youth entrepreneurship and cultivated them to become engaged community leaders. We are focused on building diverse partnerships to meet the needs of our students. Last school year, we engaged with 39 schools and nearly 100 volunteers to provide K-12 experiential learning opportunities.

Funding for Junior Achievement North – Fargo-Moorhead area comes from corporate partners, grants, individual gifts, and fundraising. We host a variety of engaging events to support programming in our area. Engage in our mission and support us in a fun way!

We are committed to expanding access to opportunities for our students across the communities we serve. You can join us by volunteering, donating and partnering with us!

Interested in making a difference in your community by volunteering with JA? Inspire local students!

Contact Info

Marie Buchli
Regional Director of North Dakota
PO Box 2061
Fargo, ND 58107

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Follow JA North - Fargo Moorhead area