JA BizTown Volunteer FAQs

What do volunteers do at JA BizTown?

  • Help oversee an individual business, which will be led by 5-10 students.
  • Check student checkbooks and deposit slips for accuracy.
  • Encourage students to complete all tasks on their job description clipboards.
  • Conduct “business meetings” in a small group setting (All meetings are scripted).
  • Assist with displaying merchandise, pricing, and selling.
  • Encourage the CFO to keep up with his/her business accounting.
  • Make sure students go on their breaks and return from their breaks.
  • Help ensure the safety and security of the students.

If I am a parent volunteer, will I see my child at JA BizTown?
Yes, although you will likely not work in the same business as your child. We often separate parents and children from working in the same business to promote greater independence and student learning opportunities. Parents may eat lunch with their child during their break and will see their child shopping throughout the day.

Do I need to be an expert about the students’ jobs in my business?
No. The students are expected to read and follow their detailed job descriptions throughout the day. Volunteers will use their discretion if certain students need help reading through any instructions. Review the various job responsibilities in your business here: WEM lab; PJK lab (choose the lab to which you’re assigned, find the specific business, click “visit [BUSINESS NAME]).

Do I have to do the students’ work?
No. This is the students’ day to be independent workers. Volunteers will allow the students to do the work and encourage them to do their best. You are their coach and mentor. A coach does not go onto the playing field; rather, they guide their players on how to accomplish tasks and encourage them to do their best.

Is there food available in JA BizTown for volunteers?
There is popcorn and coffee available free of charge from the Café shop. However, there are no vending machines or lunch provided. Please bring your own lunch and beverage, if desired. There is a volunteer break room with tables, chairs, refrigerator and microwave available for your use.

Can I get outside work done while I am in JA BizTown?
We expect you to give your full attention to the students while you are volunteering. If this is not possible, please reconsider volunteering with us. Also, please be fully engaged with students the entire day and keep time on your phone to a minimum.