JA STEM Camp Highlights

JA STEM Camp attracts a wonderful group of inquisitive, energetic, and inspirational young people. Check out the exciting science experiments and cool activities from past camps:

  • The 3M Wizards were camper favorites, once again. They did a cryogenic presentation, allowing the kids to “play” with liquid nitrogen. It was an edge-of-your seat performance.
  • Campers competed in the Creative Toy Challenge, giving them an opportunity to learn hands-on about business costs, human resources and capital resources costs, and pricing to make a profit. This activity also challenged the teams to come up with a creative commercial to advertise their toy prototype.
  • The University of St. Thomas Chemistry Club brought the fun again this year! They allowed the kids to make (and eat) real ice cream by teaching them colligative properties. Campers also created an edible molecules using gumdrops. And, if that wasn’t enough, campers learned about chromatography through a cool M&M experiment and capillary action through a fun flower project.
  • Big Spirit Marketing gave an amazing presentation about marketing and advertising. They taught campers how to film stop-action video commercials to promote their JA BizTown business.
  • Campers used uncooked pasta to engineer a soap box derby car. They needed to transform potential energy into kinetic energy as they raced against other teams down the STEM ramp!
  • There was a great discussion about the environmental impact of the BP Oil Spill. Campers had to work together to clean oil out of duck feathers. They also attempted skimming, dispersing, and soaking up oil in tanks of water before learning about innovated new ways to clean up ocean spills.
  • H2O for Life gave a great presentation about raising awareness of the global water crisis. They spoke about taking action to provide funds for water, sanitation, and hygiene education globally. Campers had the opportunity to use new innovative tablets to clean dirty water samples, making them suitable for drinking!
  • Finally, campers got to work in a real job in JA BizTown while learning about different STEM careers, how to run a successful business, and manage a personal checking account.