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Cargill STEM Center

At the STEM Center, students use science to study the difference between table salt and Cargill-branded Alberger salt.  Employees will use a microscope and other lab equipment to complete salt experiments.  Students also learn the science behind plant growth, pollination, and soil erosion by cutting open seeds, and building a dirt erosion field.  Retail items are available for sale, including salt-art bottles, inflatable pollinator bugs, and bee necklaces (debit cards only).



You may enjoy working here if you like:

  • Science
  • Experiments
  • Research
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Explore real life careers at Cargill

The Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Experiential Learning Lab
217 MacMillan Avenue
JA BizTown, MN 55104

  • Obtains bank loan
  • Supervises employees and oversees business operations
  • Signs paychecks
  • Meets with other businesses to purchase insurance, renewable energy, and health insurance
  • Helps other employees with their work, and stands in for them on their breaks
  • Inputs and submits business loan to the bank
  • Creates and prints paychecks
  • Signs paychecks if CEO is not available
  • Pays online bills sent to business
  • Monitors money coming into the business
  • Deposits money from sales to Bank
  • Conducts laboratory experiments to mix an effective product to melt ice
  • Experiments with salt to find an ice melt that won’t harm the metal on cars
  • Uses a microscope to see different shapes/types of salt
  • Assists with production of products and sales as needed
  • Sets prices for products
  • Sets up Point-of-Sale (cash register) and display area
  • Greets customers & accepts payment from sales
  • Assists with production of products as needed
  • Dissects (cuts open) seeds and draws/labels the inner parts
  • Creates seed bombs for agricultural pollination
  • Builds a soil erosion model to simulate the effects of weathering on fields

Students in Action