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KS95/KSTP Broadcasting Center

The Broadcasting Center energizes JA BizTown by playing music throughout the day. JA BizTown businesses promote their goods and services through radio advertisements and citizens can make a song request or dedication. Customers can purchase inflatable microphones, funky hats, and disco ball necklaces (debit cards only).



You may enjoy working here if you like:

  • Sales
  • Public speaking
  • Advertising
  • Music
  • Computers

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The Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Experiential Learning Lab
208 Entrepreneurship Lane
JA BizTown, MN 55104

  • Obtains bank loan.
  • Supervises employees and oversees business operations.
  • Signs paychecks.
  • Meets with other businesses to purchase insurance, renewable energy, and health insurance.
  • Helps other employees with their work, and stands in for them on their breaks.
  • Inputs and submits business loan to the bank.
  • Creates and prints paychecks
  • Signs paychecks if CEO is not available
  • Pays online bills sent to business
  • Monitors money coming into the business
  • Deposits money from sales to Bank
  • Collects the Radio Ads from each JA BizTown business and delivers them to the DJ
  • Sends online invoice for advertising to businesses
  • Assists Promotions Director with sales
  • Entertains citizens through music quizzes, dance competitions, and other live entertainment
  • Sells music related retail items, song requests, and shout-outs
  • Fills in for Sound Engineer/DJ when needed
  • Interviews citizens and/or teachers live on-air
  • Seeks out news stories and reports them on-air throughout the day
  • Selects and plays music for broadcast throughout BizTown
  • Clearly reads advertisements, announcements, and weather over the JA BizTown airwaves