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Professional Services

The Professional Services team provides services to JA BizTown businesses. Employees will help clients with legal paperwork, pricing of products, and sending bills.  Professional Services will also help businesses with IT support by fixing equipment such as computer printers and debit card swipers.



You may enjoy working here if you like:

  • Math
  • Numbers
  • Attention to detail
  • Technology
  • Data analysis
  • Obtains bank loan
  • Supervises employees and oversees business operations
  • Signs paychecks
  • Meets with other businesses to purchase insurance, renewable energy, and health insurance
  • Helps other employees with their work, and stands in for them on their breaks
  • Inputs and submits business loan to the bank
  • Creates and prints paychecks
  • Signs paychecks if CEO is not available
  • Pays online bills sent to business
  • Sends online invoices to businesses
  • Monitors money coming into the business
  • Deposits money from donations to Bank
  • Assists other business CEOs with their rental agreements
  • Sends online invoices for rent to each business
  • Helps the JA BizTown businesses complete their legal paperwork
  • Investigates how accurately JA BizTown businesses complete their payroll and invoices
  • Checks the inventory of restocked JA Biztown supply bins for accuracy
  • Inspects all banking transactions for mistakes
  • Helps clients solve IT (tech/computer) problems
  • Talks to other businesses about IT security
  • Assists business clients with improving their use of technology to enhance their customer’s experience
  • Collects and investigates data about the possible risks JA BizTown businesses could face
  • Completes a project to research and solve a business problem
  • Meets with business CEOs to report on results of investigation

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