Greater Mankato Area

regional office stock photo webJunior Achievement is the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating students about college and career readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs. Greater Mankato impacts students throughout Mankato, North Mankato, Eagle Lake, Cleveland, St. Clair, Janesville, Good Thunder, Mapleton, Minnesota Lake, Lake Crystal and St. Peter. Our Mankato Advisory Board has 15 active members, one full-time staff member and one part-time staff member.

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Katie Mons, District Manager
P.O. Box 153
Madison Lake, MN 56063


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Other ways you can get involved with JA

Volunteer in a local elementary, middle or high school classroom – The elementary school program consists of five lessons (30-45 minutes per lesson) that can be delivered weekly or all in one day (“JA in a Day”). The middle and high school programs run six to 12 weeks, depending on the specific curriculum chosen. Sign up today!

Make a donation – your financial support can help hundreds of students learn real-world skills that will prepare them to succeed in school and beyond. A gift of $30 will support one student.

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Thank you to our sponsors for our 22nd Annual JA Golf Marathon (Monday, May 9th)!