What makes Junior Achievement North programs so impactful to students? JA is committed to using our resources to affect lasting change and to equitably provide opportunities to all students across our communities. JA students gain a sense of purpose and belief in themselves, empowering them to envision a successful future. It takes more than 10,000 volunteer mentors to educate our 170,000+ students each year to make this possible. 

 JA volunteers provide authentic perspective and guidance to help students connect classroom learning to the real world. As a volunteer you will equip students with the skills needed to succeed in school and in life through educating them on how to manage money, prepare for a successful career, and start a business.  

JA will prepare you, give you the lessons and materials needed, and support you along the way to ensure a successful and impactful experience for you and the students.

Join us!

Why volunteer with JA?

97% of volunteers feel that JA programs help prepare students for the “real world”

88% of JA alumni report that they are confident in their ability to manage personal finances

4 in 5 JA alumni report JA played an important role in choosing their career path

53% of JA alumni have reported starting their own business


Have questions? Check out our Volunteer FAQ’s, or contact us at 651-255-0055 or info@janorth.org.