Multi-Visit Volunteer Training Materials

These resources and training materials will help you prepare for a fun, rewarding and successful volunteer experience.

Teacher ExpectationsVolunteer Expectations
• Remember, you're the expert in your classroom
• Volunteers are not licensed educators; your support is critical
• Introduce JA volunteers to your students
• Remain in the classroom at all times
• Be responsible for student discipline
• Assist with activities and grouping students
• Stimulate class discussion
• Link JA material to course content
• Be engaged in the activities
• Assist with classroom management
• Sign Certificates of Achievement (volunteer will provide)
• Share Junior Journals, JA trinkets with students
• You're encouraged to keep any extra class materials
• Introduce yourself to the classroom teacher
• Organize JA material in space provided by teacher
• Ask for assistance in hanging up program posters
• Introduce yourself to students
• Review classroom expectations and rules with students
• Facilitate the regrouping strategy suggested by teacher
• Work with teacher to connect JA and classroom lessons
• Ask for teacher’s assistance with activities & transitions
• Get students' attention before delivering lesson
• Call on students who raise their hands
• Provide students with time limits; give time reminders
• Present prepared lesson plan
• Communicate your needs to the teacher
• Be a positive role model

Teacher Email Template

Program Specific Training Materials

Please select the JA program you are teaching from the list below:

JA Ourselves (kindergarten)
JA Our Families (1st grade)
JA Our Community (2nd grade)
JA Our City (3rd grade)
JA Our Region (4th grade)
JA Our Nation (5th grade)

The videos below provide helpful hints and tips for working with elementary aged students.