Adopt a School

Adopt a local school

Our School Partnership Program connects businesses with local schools. Participating companies provide the funding and volunteers necessary to support JA at the school. In return, companies receive these benefits:

  • Create or strengthen a relationship with a school in the community where you conduct business
  • Be more involved in the neighborhood where you work
  • Generate professional development opportunities such as leadership and presentation skills
  • Give your employees the chance to be role models for local students

To be a school partner, the company agrees to:

  • Finance all JA program materials, training, supplies, staffing and evaluation costs
  • Provide volunteers to teach JA in the classroom
  • Appoint a liaison to work with JA staff to coordinate the activities between the company and school

School Partnership Levels
10-14 classrooms – $5,000
15-19 classrooms – $7,500
20-29 classrooms – $10,000
30-39 classrooms – $15,000
40 + classrooms    – $20,000

Learn more about adopting a school, or about other ways you can support Junior Achievement North. Question? Contact Maryse Birr at