JA Titan

JA Titan is an interactive, online business simulation that tests students’ business knowledge as they compete against each other to create and market a successful company. Students make strategic decisions about price, production, marketing, capital investment, charitable giving and R & D while learning how these decisions affect the success or failure of a company. Student teams compete in their respective communities to qualify for the JA Titan Business Challenge. Winning teams advance to regional and state competitions with the opportunity to participate in the global competition.

Volunteer Role
One or two volunteers partner with the teacher to assist a high school class in instructing and playing the JA Titan computer simulation.

Time Commitmentprinter friendly format
The teacher and volunteer lead the JA Titan instruction (first day with students) and simulation (second day with students). The volunteer commitment is the JA Titan instructional day. If available, the volunteer is encouraged to also assist with the teacher.

Pre-class preparation includes a one-hour training by JA staff (webinar, shadowing a JA Titan class).

JA Titan lessons are facilitated in the high school classroom.

Volunteer Training
JA provides all training and materials, including an overview of the curriculum, guidance on partnering with the classroom teacher, and tips for effective student communication.

JA Titan is part of JA’s high school curriculum. Students are in 9th through 12th grade.

Next Steps
We’ll work with you to select the ideal school and/or grade level opportunity that works with your schedule. To get started, complete our volunteer registration form. Questions? Contact us at 651-255-0055 or info@janorth.org.