Elementary Classroom

Elementary Classroom Volunteers

JA’s elementary programs help students learn the basic concepts of business and understand the important role of education in preparing for a future career. Through hands-on activities, students better understand what it means to be a good citizen, consumer and worker.

Volunteer Role
Elementary classroom volunteers deliver our curriculum in one of two ways:

1. Multi-visit delivery – classroom visits are scheduled directly with the assigned teacher, allowing for flexibility in scheduling.

2. JA in a Day – all five classroom lessons are taught back-to-back during a half day visit.

Time Commitment
Multi-visit delivery – volunteers visit the classroom on five separate occasions, 30-45 minutes per visit

JA in a Day – volunteers deliver all five lessons during a half-day visit to the classroom (approximately 3 to 4 hours)

Pre-classroom preparation is also required to familiarize the volunteer with the curriculum and organize/prepare the kit materials (approximately 4 hours)

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Lessons are delivered on-site at the school.

Volunteer Training
JA provides all the training and materials you’ll need to be prepared. At each JA in a Day, our staff will also provide an orientation and offer tips in working with students.

JA’s elementary school curriculum is geared toward kindergarten through 5th graders. Classroom size depends on the school, ranging from 18 to 30 students.

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Next Steps
We’ll work with you to select the ideal school and/or grade level opportunity that works with your schedule. To get started, complete our volunteer registration form. Questions? Contact us at 651-255-0055 or info@janorth.org.