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During one of our JA in a Day events at a local elementary school, one of our JA district program coordinators shared a story from one eager 2nd grader:

“Today we held our JA in a Day event at our local elementary school for our 4th and 5th graders.

While seated in the school lobby next to our JA banner, a 2nd grade student who previously had JA in his classroom stopped by. He asked, “How do I sign up?”

We explained to him that we were there to check in the JA volunteers who would be teaching in the classrooms. He then asked, “How old do I need to be to become a volunteer?” We told him that once he was in high school and turned 16, he would then be able to volunteer in the classroom.

He then asked if he could please take one of our, “I volunteered” stickers, but wanted to be sure that he kept it on the sticky-back paper. Then he left, thanking us for the information.

Minutes later, his 2nd grade teacher visited us, letting us know that this sweet student informed her that he was going to keep his sticker until he was 16. He wanted to be sure that he could wear it when he became a JA volunteer.

These are the moments that warm our hearts and bring tears to our eyes. What a wonderful feeling making a difference and impact in the lives of our current students, aka: future volunteers!”

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