JA Company Program Youth Take Top Prize at MN Cup Youth Division Competition

Following a great week of pitches from 27 finalist teams, the MN Cup competition has announced this year’s division winners. We are celebrating the hard work and dedication of two JA Company Program start-ups who took the 1st place (BioBev) and runner-up (Meiya) prizes in this year’s 18 and under Youth Division. 

During their time participating in JA Company Program, these students put theory into practice by creating, marketing, and operating their own company. Starting with a concept, JA Company program youth follow the lifecycle of a business from concept all the way to exit at the end of the program. Students sell stock to raise capital, elect officers, buy materials, market their product or service, pay a dividend to stockholders, and liquidate their company. Through teamwork, students learn to understand and appreciate the responsibilities each person has in running a business.

BioBev is a student-run company that provides an accessible alternative for non-biodegradable cups in order to reduce waste. Their mission is to integrate sustainability into daily life, starting from cups. They were influenced to start BioBev as they saw a lack of environmental awareness in the greater community and wanted to provide a solution – a completely biodegradable, single-use coffee cup – in hopes to play some part in reducing unnecessary waste. If you would like to learn more about how you can support BioBev, click here to dive into their website and follow along on their journey. 

Meiyu is a student-run company that aims to help people leave a lighter footprint on the environment, starting with makeup removal. The impact that disposable makeup remover rounds and wipes have on the environment is extensive. These rounds are often made of non-biodegradable plastic fibers that are key factors to waste buildup in landfills. In an effort to reduce waste production, Meiyu’s solution was to provide a reusable and cost-effective alternative that inspires a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Meiyu’s mission is to inspire positive change for a cleaner future with a waste-reducing solution to makeup removal. Learn more about Meiyu and purchase their wipes by checking out their website.

The final award ceremony for the MN Cup competition is is free and open to the public on Tuesday, September 22nd. Click here to register and join the live-stream featuring pitches from the 18 top companies, and live announcements of the prize winners. 

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