Tour JA BizTown – King

The Peter J. King Family Foundation Experiential Learning Lab
By working in one of the 18 JA BizTown shops, students learn what it takes to run a successful business, manage a checking account, and work as a team. Explore the businesses below by clicking on the visit link or take a virtual tour of the learning lab.
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Broadcasting Center - Sports
The Sports Broadcasting Center generates excitement in JA BizTown by playing music and sharing local sports updates throughout the day. Visit Broadcasting Center - Sports
The Café offers a clean and fun environment for JA BizTown citizens to eat lunch and have a snack while on break. The Café provides popcorn, juice and coffee. Visit Café
Delta Air Lines Travel Center
At the Travel Center, students can explore the world of travel. Visit Delta Air Lines Travel Center
Deluxe Small Business Solutions
Business Solutions creates and publishes web pages for JA BizTown businesses and citizens. Visit Deluxe Small Business Solutions
ECMC City Hall
City Hall encourages citizens to exercise their civic responsibility to vote and voice their opinions about key issues. Visit ECMC City Hall
Great Clips Retail Center
The Retail Center provides JA BizTown citizens with hair styling recommendations through a virtual makeover app. Visit Great Clips Retail Center
Lube-Tech Logistics Distribution Center
The Distribution Center supplies each JA BizTown business with their raw materials and provides all postal service needs. Visit Lube-Tech Logistics Distribution Center
Peter J. King Philanthropy Center
At the Philanthropy Center, students will choose a non-profit organization to support for the day. Visit Peter J. King Philanthropy Center
Professional Services
Professional Services provides consulting services to JA BizTown businesses. Visit Professional Services
RBC Wealth Management BizJournal
The BizJournal produces the daily newspaper for JA BizTown and provides advertisement space. Visit RBC Wealth Management BizJournal
State Farm Global Marketplace
The Global Marketplace creates and sells products from around the world. Visit State Farm Global Marketplace
STEM Manufacturing
At STEM Manufacturing, students will learn how to use manufacturing equipment, including 3D printing, to fulfill orders made by JA BizTown citizens. Visit STEM Manufacturing
Travelers Insurance
The Insurance Company provides rental space and business insurance to each business. Visit Travelers Insurance
U.S. Bank
The Bank provides each JA BizTown businesss with a loan to capitalize their business for the day and offers personal banking services for JA BizTown citizens. Visit U.S. Bank
UA and APi Group Construction Center
The Construction Center completes multiple projects throughout the day to benefit JA BizTown. Visit UA and APi Group Construction Center
Utility Company
The Utility Company will provide JA BizTown businesses with all their energy needs. Visit Utility Company
Voya Investment Center
The Investment Center advises JA BizTown citizens and businesses in making financial investment decisions. Visit Voya Investment Center
Wellness Center
The Wellness Center provides each citizen with health insurance through their JA BizTown business as an employee benefit. Visit Wellness Center