Tour JA BizTown – MacMillan

The Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Experiential Learning Lab
By working in one of the 18 JA BizTown shops, students learn what it takes to run a successful business, manage a checking account, and work as a team. Explore the businesses below by clicking on the visit link or take a virtual tour of the learning lab.
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Allianz BizJournal
The BizJournal produces the daily newspaper for JA BizTown and provides advertisement space. Visit Allianz BizJournal
The Café offers a clean and fun environment for JA BizTown citizens to eat lunch and have a snack while on break. The Café provides popcorn, juice and coffee. Visit Café
Cambria Retail & Manufacturing Center
The Retail & Manufacturing Center provides businesses with the opportunity to upgrade countertops in their business space. Visit Cambria Retail & Manufacturing Center
Cargill STEM Center
At the STEM Center, students will explore how STEM skills are used in the development and sale of a variety of agricultural products. Visit Cargill STEM Center
City Hall
City Hall encourages citizens to exercise their civic responsibility to vote and voice their opinions about key issues. Visit City Hall
Delta Air Lines Travel Center
At the Travel Center, students can explore the world of travel. Visit Delta Air Lines Travel Center
Distribution Center
The Distribution Center supplies each JA BizTown business with their raw materials and provides all postal service needs. Visit Distribution Center
Federated Insurance
The Insurance Company provides rental space and business insurance to each business. Visit Federated Insurance
H.B. Fuller Innovation Center
At the Innovation Center, students will utilize STEM skills to learn about and explore polymers and their uses and create polymer-related products. Visit H.B. Fuller Innovation Center
KS95/KSTP Broadcasting Center
The Broadcasting Center helps establish a lively mood in JA BizTown by playing music throughout the day and offering advertisements. Visit KS95/KSTP Broadcasting Center
Mortenson Construction Center
The Construction Center completes multiple projects throughout the day to benefit JA BizTown. Visit Mortenson Construction Center
Pentair Water Center
The Water Center supports the JA BizTown community's clean water needs. Visit Pentair Water Center
Philanthropy Center
At the Social Investment Center, students will choose a non-profit organization to support for the day. Visit Philanthropy Center
Polaris Manufacturing Center
At the Manufacturing Center, students will explore the manufacturing industry of vehicle design and creation. Visit Polaris Manufacturing Center
Taylor Brand Marketing Center
The Brand Marketing Center publishes websites and creates direct marketing postcards for businesses throughout JA BizTown. Visit Taylor Brand Marketing Center
U.S. Bank
The Bank provides each JA BizTown business with a loan to capitalize their business for the day and offers personal banking services for JA BizTown citizens. Visit U.S. Bank
UnitedHealthcare Optum Wellness Center
The Wellness Center provides each citizen with health insurance through their JA BizTown business as an employee benefit. Visit UnitedHealthcare Optum Wellness Center
Xcel Energy
The Energy Hub will provide JA BizTown businesses with all their energy needs. Visit Xcel Energy